Warehouse Optimization through Microsoft Power Platform - 8 Week Implementation


Leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Power Platform to modernize warehouse operations, drive efficiency gains, and adapt more effectively to the dynamic demands of the supply chain industry.

Benefits of Low Code Manufactauring Platforms

  • Capabilities: Plants are enabled to be self-serving in areas such as throughput analysis and inventory analysis
  • Cost/ROI: Drive lower cost and solve localized needs
  • Time to Value: Define smaller-scope projects with faster delivery timelines
  • Process Improvement: Better solution to local needs
  • Governance: Provide a light governance model

Activities to be Completed:

Phase 1

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Requirements gathering
  • Current state analysis
  • Future state solution design with applicable MSPP tools
  • Manufacturing use case identification & Validation (limited)
  • Prototype solution

Phase 2

  • Deployment of Microsoft Power Platform Solution
  • Training
  • 2-week solution support
  • Solution fine-tuning
  • Solution maintenance and governance
  • Stakeholder role & access designation
  • Identify integration user cases


Phase 1

  • Documented key requirement
  • Documented current state process
  • Completed future state solution design
  • OT data identification and capture
  • Completed prototype and demo

Phase 2

  • Deployed Microsoft Power Platform low code manufacturing solution in client environment
  • Training & maintenance manuals
  • Updated solution

Protiviti Services; subject to change based on scope

Note: Power Platform licensing fees not included

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