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Assessment and implementation of Dynamics 365 Project Operations

The purpose of the service is to assist the business in being able to use Dynamics 365 Project Operations in a good way. Together with the customer, we establish a robust platform built on Microsoft Dataverse, train key users and configure the most business-critical processes for the business (MVP). This service means that you are well equipped and ready to use the company's most important processes in Dynamics 365 Project Operations. If the business already has Dynamics Customer Engagement, Project Operations will be able to be integrated with the existing solution and data. Project Operations will help gain control over your business's project management and facilitate further growth.

The service is a good fit for organisations facing the following challenges:

  • Lacks a comprehensive overview of the projects, resources and time spent
  • Lack of support for quality and overview in existing systems
  • Difficult to keep product and price lists updated in existing system
  • More old project management solutions in the business, no standardization
  • The same leads, sales, onboarding and customer service processes are potentially performed differently across locations, difficult to extract power and control centrally
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty are at risk due to lack of information

During the project, we will help you to:

  • Establish a solution quickly with low risk
  • Establish processes to ensure quality and through standardized process across regions
  • Better user experience and loyalty, especially within operations and customer service
  • Extensive use of standard functionality to keep costs and time down
  • Simplify hourly reporting to increase the volume and quality of collected data
  • Standardize and integrate Marketing, Sales, Onboarding as well as Operations and Customer Service in one solution
  • Get a holistic, high-quality customer database so that sales/customer service/marketing efforts are perceived as more professional and result in more satisfied customers
  • By having all your data in one place, you make customer service more easily succeed with best practices
  • Provide an overview and status of customer service issues, number of leads, offers and distribution of customer service representatives to cases
  • Quality assurance and quality control of which tasks are performed per customer and case also helps customer service to cover response time (SLA)
  • Cloud-based solution that is easy to operate and maintain
  • Get a platform that is viable and sustainable for 10-15 years and that opens up to leverage the Customer Data Platform for future and future needs, such as reporting.

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