Information Protection & Governance: 3-d workshop

Spotit BV

Learn more about Information Protection & Governance. How to simplify compliance and reduce risks. Protect and govern your data wherever it lives.

Learn how Microsoft can safeguard your sensitive data across clouds, apps and endpoints. Information protection and governance capabilities are built into Microsoft 365 apps and services, Azure Purview, Power BI and more.

This workshop will give you an introduction to Information Protection & Governance. We'll highlight the solution from a legal and privacy point of view, and afterwards build a proof of concept for your environment.


Day 1:

  • Setting expectations and going through the prerequisites.
  • Zoom in on the governance part of the solution. Information security is more than just a piece of technology. Information Protection will enhance your security and privacy posture to comply with regulatory requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Day 2:

  • Configure a small set of sensitivity labels and policies
  • Make them available to a limited PoC audience

Day 3:

  • Testing, finetune labels + policies, and go through the reporting.
  • Evaluation of the proof of concept & defining next steps.

Deliverables: You will be able to use sensitivity labels created during the proof of concept in new and existing documents and enforce protection settings based on the applied label.

We will provide you with the presentation about Information Protection & Governance, and detailed documentation of the Proof of Concept.

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