Hack Impact: 2-Wk Proof of Concept


Hack Impact is a streamlined, laser focused initiative that quickly identifies areas with great potential for data-driven impact using a hackathon. The outcome is a completed Proof of concept (POC).

The Hack Impact concept will help a client to quickly evaluate the business potential of using Power Apps to realize an idea.

The activity is conducted in the form of a hackathon. The process begins with the evaluation of different ideas and selecting the one with most potential as the Proof of concept candidate. The business ideas should preferably be focused on how to become more data-driven.

The hackathon has five clear phases and is executed during a one to three week period depending on client availability.

Hack Impact

Preparation - A hackathon challenge is selected together with the client (including data validation if needed). The goal is to map the clients current state and what area they want to evaluate.

Ideation and planning workshop - During the ideation workshop, the best ideas are generated for the upcoming hackathon. One of the ideas is selected for the coming hackathon. The prerequisites for the execution are clarified with the client.

Implementation and hackathon - The implementation is conducted in the hackathon format. During the hackathon a proof of concept (POC) solution for the selected challenge is developed. The challenge is normally realized within one of Stratiteq's competence areas Biz Apps/Power Platform, Application Development, Data analysis and/or Blockchain.

Presentation and next step - A joint meeting with a presentation of the solution and a discussion about protentional next step.

Close-out - Completion of the hackathon. Hand-over of documentation and start of potential support and maintenance if requested.

In the event that the client already have a pre defined use case, less time will be spent on defining the use case and more on development, making the Proof of concept even sharper.


Hack Impact is provided at a fixed price of $10.000.

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