5 Day Information Security Assessment

Toreon CVBA

An information protection assessment to guide you towards improving your data management in Microsoft 365 and Azure AD.

Organizations find that protecting and governing information in any environment is more challenging than ever. To improve information protection and compliance, we need to:

  • recognize the most important data and find out where it lives,
  • identify the VIPs that generate and process this information,
  • identify the compliance rules to follow

Moving to the Microsoft 365 environment allows for better control over information.

It also makes more options available for properly maintaining compliance to internal and external standards and norms, such as NIST, ISO27001 and regulations such as HIPAA, NIS and GDPR.

This service is part of a larger offering which includes the implementation and continuous maintenance of Information Protection and compliance in the Microsoft 365 and Azure environments. This service is the assessment phase which helps to create the roadmap for true information Protection and Compliance. It includes:

  • Our Zero Trust assessment provides a complete view of all aspects of Zero Trust.
  • An overall maturity number for Zero Trust based security to use as a baseline for improvements.
  • Identification of the VIPs and how to manage their security.
  • Identification of the most important data.
  • Information Protection Inspiration workshop to generate clarity in the approach of Information Protection and Compliance
  • Identification of legal & compliance needs for security and privacy.
  • Verification of the policies and processes
  • Information Labelling Processes

With this information, we create a roadmap towards the Information Protection and Compliance status that your organization needs.

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