Power Platform - 2 Week Catalyst Workshop Programme


Harnessing the Microsoft Catalyst Framework, Xpedition will help you quantify the value of a transformation, understand what digital disruption means for your business, and build a case for change

Underpinned by Microsoft Catalyst, which is built on proven concepts from Harvard Business School and McKinsey, Xpedition help organisations realise what digital transformation means to them. We do this through envisaging techniques to explore creative and meaningful ways to deliver business progress transformation.

Using the tried and tested I.D.E.A framework, Microsoft Catalyst qualified experts will work with your team to provide a detailed plan that demonstrates where Power Platform can solve for key challenges, whilst also preparing the customer for any potential disruptions when undertaking a transformation initiative.

What will you get?

• Design thinking to generate a future vision and how to deliver it • A defined digital transformation journey and storyboard to share with stakeholders • A review of all business processes and objectives and which solution is most suitable • A value-driven roadmap for the digital transformation • In-depth analysis to understand what impact it will have on the business

What deliverables are included?

• Business strategy alignment workshop • Envisaging workshop & document • Solution Assessment workshop & document • Demonstration of software • Digital transformation plan & budget

At a glance