Project Kosmos - A Management & Security Solution of Microsoft: 2wk Implementation

VSTECS Phils. Inc.

Project Kosmos: Accelerate management and security of devices using Microsoft 365 EMS and Microsoft Intune

This Solution is Powered by Microsoft 365. Enterpise Mobility + Security an intelligent mobility management and security platform that will help customers be digitally transformed with holistic and innovative management approach to a hybrid setup.

Retain control and Securely Managed your Device and Application across platforms.

This solution includes:

  1. Qualification
  2. Assessment and Proposal
  3. License Provisioning (Trial Issuance)
  4. Remote Implementation (POC Assistance)
  5. Admin and Users Training
  6. Transition from Trial to Paid License

This solution can be customized depending on your actual needs but will be subject to discussion and may include additional charges.

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