Over Shipping

by NIC Systems Inc.

Provides you with a suite of capabilities to help your organization handle over-shipments.

The Over Shipping app by FoodCloudPlus seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, allowing you to streamline your shipment process while over shipping is permitted. Through intuitive and flexible tolerance allocation, you can easily set and control tolerance percentages at the item, customer, or combined level, allowing for greater customization and control. With the Over Shipping app, you can optimize your shipping process, while managing over-stocking issues.

Types of Users
  • Sales Employee

  • Sales Manager

  • Warehouse Floor Worker

Customer Need

Food manufacturers who produce perishable products, as well as distributors and manufacturers who have limitations in storage facilities, may need to ship products to customers beyond the ordered quantity. In cases where overproduction is inevitable due to production batching methods or packaging procedures forbidding any packages from being broken, you may prefer the option to ship this excess quantity to your customer. As over-shipping tolerance varies between customers, the user requires a feature in the system to set an over-shipping tolerance percentage according to customers, items, and item-customer preferences.

Key Features and Functionality
  • Over-shipping provides the user with the following features:
  • Flexible over shipping tolerance: Set over shipping tolerance at the item, customer, or combined level for greater control and flexibility.

  • Over shipping default value: Set default over shipping tolerance to simplify the shipment process.

  • Partial Shipment: Simply handle partial shipment while ensuring that the total shipment falls within the over-shipping tolerance.

  • Seamlessly integrated into business central: Fully integrated into a sales order and warehouse shipment.

With the Over Shipping app, food industry manufacturers and distributors can now easily post sales orders within over-shipping tolerance and avoid customer disputes or costly mistakes.

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