Time-lines by BI-Champ

by CodeX Enterprises LLC

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Create a time-line with dots representing events, keyed by dates.

Time-lines let you depict events with relative duration and elapsed time, and can be an effective way to tell a story that involves dates and text. This is extremely well-suited to building compelling infographics.

There are a wide variety of formatting options, including:
  • Can group events by week, month, quarter or year
  • Optionally specify end dates, thereby showing date ranges
  • Control colors through settings or data
  • Categorization of events
  • Option to show one time-line per category (10+ settings support this) (1.1)
  • Option to show horizontally or vertically (1.1)
  • Interactive filtering
  • Display images alongside events
  • Format settings such as how to delimit grouped events
  • Many other size, shape, and layout settings
The control is free to use in Power BI Desktop. Shared use licensing is available through AppSource (per user in Power BI Service), and site licensing is available (cost effective for a large number of users, no per user licensing; see for details). Support, feature requests and on-line help is available at Come sign up for a free account to get notifications about cool new controls, as they're released!

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