Master Data and Documents Replication Management

by Intelligent Systems

Maintain, synchronize & exchange data with centralized management for multi-subsidiary companies

Easy exchange of master data and documents with centralized management.

Do your business subsidiaries need a software application to ensure data consistency across corporate group and trading partners?

Master Data and Documents Replication Management extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables the data transfer process through the group's branches and legal entities by setting up sets of data within a master company and replicating them to another companies. Using this application, you can create or assign a master company where all master data is maintained, select the receiving companies within the group, and select the data to be replicated or synchronized. One-way synchronization in this process is recommended. In addition, it allows master data and document exchange between more companies in a time-efficient manner.

Master Data and Documents Replication Management application is flexible and provides clients with the opportunity to configure data and eliminate errors due to the automated import/export. Added value for the customer is the easier usage of BI tools given the same master data.


  • Replicate/synchronize master data attributes between different companies in the same database or across different databases/environments via web services
  • Set up an unlimited number of tables
  • Allows same data table to propagate data updates automatically to same/different companies
  • Allows sending of data in linked master data tables when the entry in the original table is modified
  • ETL type processing: input and send specific data values for certain table fields required for different companies within the group
  • Optionally activates inserts/deletes/modifies triggers when inserting the entry in the destination company
  • Chooses to have changed from the master data company sent to other companies in real-time or based on a schedule
  • Replicate pictures, notes, and links


  • Effective management of subsidiaries by the head office
  • Enhanced data management and reliable insight into day-to-day operations
  • Complete synchronization and distribution of data to all related business entities
  • Flexible and user-friendly set up and maintenance
  • Automation of processes that were previously covered with manually operations
  • Efficient automated data replication
  • Streamline permission management for the master data
  • Simplified intercompany data exchange using EDI without the necessity of an EDI provider

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Supported Editions: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials and Premium.

Supported countries: All countries where Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.

Supported Languages: The app is available in English (United States). Translation is possible in other languages.

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