simpLEASE Accounting Connector

by Schneider Downs

Track your leases and present your financial statements in accordance with ASC 842

Are you compliant with the new GAAP standards of lease accounting under ASC 842? Unsure if a lease should be classified as a finance or an operating lease?

Following the guidelines of ASC 842 are important for financial statement presentation to your stakeholders (shareholders, banks, auditors, etc.). Our connector links Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central directly to simpLEASE Accounting SM providing a single point of entry for all lease-related information. The simpLEASE Accounting Connector enables vendor, general ledger accounts, dimensions and journal entry information to be shared between Dynamics 365 Business Central and simpLEASE Accounting. simpLEASE Accounting was developed in conjunction with highly experienced CPAs to ensure accurate and reliable lease accounting calculations on the frequency of your choosing (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.).

Remove the guess work from lease accounting and add in control and accountability. simpLEASE Accounting takes care of the decision making and creates all necessary journal entries based on the rules set by FASB.

Features and benefits of using this extension include:
  • Single point of entry for lease information
  • Easy to use, wizard-driven questionnaire to determine the appropriate lease classification (finance or operating)
  • Ability to track other relevant lease information, including: lease agreements, maintenance contracts, non-lease components, leased asset location details
  • User defined fields are available for tracking company specific data
Why choose simpLEASE?
Built in collaboration with accountants with a thorough understanding of ASC 842 and developers who recognize that ease of use is critical to user adoption, simpLEASE Accounting is affordable and can be implemented quickly.

Target Audience
Lessees with at least 10 active leases.

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Supported editions:
This app supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries:
This app is currently available in the United States for organizations that follow GAAP

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