365Reman NA

by Western Computer

Core Tracking, Core Management and Teardown Process

Optimize core tracking, core management, and teardown processes

365REMAN by Western Computer is a powerful business management software app that is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is created specifically for remanufacturers to automate and connect all areas of their business.

This solution offers core management and teardown processes to help manage the challenges surrounding the recovery, supply planning, and utilization of cores in your remanufactured products – allowing you to serve your customers faster and more efficiently.

Transform how you compete with 365REMAN. With industry-specific functionality, your organization will gain full visibility into the data that provides the insight you need to run as efficiently as possible and serve your customers at the highest level.

365REMAN streamlines the core disassembly and inventory process. Your workflow needs to manage tracking the disassembly of the engine while also assessing the condition of the components and managing them into inventory. Our cloud-based solution is perfect for businesses wishing to upgrade their business management system who need specific remanufacturing functions in their ERP system.

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