Cloudlas Scrum Master Suite

by Cloudlas Solutions

An agile project management add-in

Cloudlas Scrum Master Suite is an agile project management application(add-in) exclusively developed for SharePoint/Office 365 customers. This add-in is entirely deployed in your SharePoint site, so that you don't have to invest on additional infrastructure or any third party services for the add-in to function. Users don't have to worry about the data security as the add-in stores all the data in the sharepoint site itself.

Attractive features:-

. Trendy looking dashboard graphs and charts

. FluentUI design and components which blend well with modern SharePoint UI

. Easy to use, self explanatory interfaces

. Create and manage Projects, sprints and backlog

. Interactive kanban board to easily work with sprints and backlog

. Choose your theme for the app according to your sharepoint site's branding

. Timesheet feature to track productivity of the resources

. Roles and permission based data access

. Email notifications

. Advance search feature for tasks

. Export resources productivity data to excel

Notes: -

. This is a 30 days trial version, please reach out to Cloudlas support team for the license

. Supported browsers are Microsoft Edge, Chrome and firefox. We stopped supporting internet explorer.

At a glance