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Assembly is your all-in-one toolkit to manage teams, projects, & more. Work smarter, not harder.

Work smarter, not harder with Assembly. Assembly is a FREE no-code work management software that can save you 1 day per week through free customizable workflows. Easily automate and create your own workflow or choose from over 50+ workflow templates for free. Assembly has helped thousands of companies achieve 95% employee engagement. Assembly works great for teams of all sizes and is free for unlimited users. Assembly offers a variety of useful features and integrates with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, as well as popular SSO & HRIS solutions.

Improve employee engagement with CEO & executive updates, employee engagement surveys, employee recognition, employee nominations, employee pulse surveys, employee recognition surveys, weekly check-in templates, weekly template updates, and employee satisfaction surveys.

Improve internal communications workflows with the ask me anything (AMA) template, a general news feed, get help template, group feed, icebreaker template, idea management template, internal wiki tool, knowledge base, daily standup meeting, team retrospective, and weekly updates.

Boost team productivity with daily recap template, daily agenda template, idea management template, meeting notes template, product feedback template, wins list, and a lightweight sales CRM template.

Simplify HR & Recruiting with templates such as employee benefits survey, contractor time tracking, employee exit interview survey, employee satisfaction survey, eNPS score, internal referral program, interview questions template, and new hire survey.

Join innovative and well-known brands like Coca-Cola, Amazon, USC Keck Medical, Steelhouse, BloomNation, Crexi, Atlanta Hawks, and a growing list of notable companies looking to increase employee engagement and work efficiency.

Bonus: Microsoft 365 can automatically manage your employee accounts without having to manage them in Assembly (Microsoft 365’s connection can also serve as an SSO for your team and organization).

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When this add-in is used, it
  • Can send data over the Internet
  • This add-in can access personal information on the active message, such as phone numbers, postal addresses, or URLs. The add-in may send this data to a third-party service. Other items in your mailbox can’t be read or modified.

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