Table of Contents HBM

by HB Munich GmbH

This WebPart helps you to create high-quality documentation

The Modern Pages are ideal for your documentation of content (as a kind of Wikipedia) in Microsoft 365.

Without a table of contents, the overview is quickly lost.

Use our table of contents (TOC-WebPart) to show your headings of the individual topic categories within a page and thus enable the user to grasp the content as quickly as possible and jump to the right place (via click).

Through the web part...

--your users can absorb the content faster

--jump directly to the headline for long texts (e.g. wiki pages)

--have a building block that everyone in the company can use

--create clean and structured documentation

--have a table of contents without programming

Of course, the web part supports Microsoft SharePoint themes.

Free vs. Premium License

The TOC can basically be used without a license and has no restrictions when reading out and listing the headings.

With the premium license, you unlock an additional visualization function, the "Panel" Mode.

How to purchase a license

You can request a premium license using our support form.

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