Smarter Event Booking

by Smarter Business Solutions GmbH

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Efficient SharePoint tool for easy in-house event and seminar bookings.

Empower Your Organizational Events: With Smarter Event Booking, streamline your event registration and management directly within SharePoint. From corporate gatherings to training sessions, make every company event a success.


  • Centralized Event Management: Create and oversee events with ease, providing a one-stop solution for all corporate functions.
  • Streamlined Attendee Registration: Offer a straightforward registration process for your employees, enhancing participation and planning efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Event Customization: Tailor your events with options for waiting lists, attendee visibility, and attached informational materials.


  • Intuitive Event Creation: Easily set up and manage event dates and details within SharePoint.
  • Automated Confirmations: Utilize customizable email templates to send out registration confirmations and event updates.
  • Teams Integration: Seamlessly include the event booking tool in Microsoft Teams for greater accessibility and engagement.


"We are migrating off of SharePoint 2010 and needed an app to replace our Employee Training Scheduling module. While Smarter Event Booking does not have all the features that the old one had, it performs all the important and needed tasks. The team behind this app has been highly responsive to tech support and modification requests. Great job!!!" - Jeff Black, Lawrence Hall, fighting Childhood trauma in Chicago


At Smarter Business Solutions, we're committed to enhancing digital workflows and providing essential functionalities tailored to your business needs. Smarter Event Booking is our solution to simplify event management in a digital environment, fostering efficiency and employee engagement.



  • Easy Setup: Quickly integrate Smarter Event Booking into SharePoint or Teams with a hassle-free installation process. Click "Get it now" to start.
  • Trial to License: Begin with a fully-featured 14-day free trial, then transition to a licensed version to maintain continuous event management capabilities.


  • Request with Ease: Not an admin? You can still request Smarter Event Booking by starting the approval workflow. Locate the "Get it now" button at the top of the page to let your admin know why your SharePoint experience could be so much better.

TRANSFORM YOUR EVENT PLANNING: Leverage Smarter Event Booking for your next corporate event and experience the simplicity and effectiveness it brings to event management. Continue to foster a connected and vibrant company culture with our robust event management tool.

For more information and to elevate your event planning, visit our product page for Smarter Event Booking.

SharePoint Framework components included: Webpart

Note: The solution has to be added manually to the site as it will not deply to the complete tenant

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