Contextere Advanced Virtual Assistant (AVA)

by Contextere

On-the-job insights for industrial workers.

The Contextere Advanced Virtual Assistant (AVA) provides on-the-job insights for industrial workers. Empowered by a conversational interface, the user can rapidly request and obtain information to effectively conduct their work and troubleshoot problems. The Contextere AVA understands user location and role, and related equipment location and status, finds contextually relevant information within industrial data, and provides intelligent guidance to the user when and where they need it. Any user with a Microsoft 365 account can use this application.

The Contextere AVA uses an innovative combination of natural language processing (NLP), neural networks, and ML question-answering (Q-A) algorithms to extract meaning from structured and unstructured industrial data, match that to the meaning determined of a user question, and identify the appropriate micro-guidance or insight relevant to the user and work requirement. The Contextere AVA is uniquely focused on the needs and workflow of technical personnel to improve their situational awareness and knowledge, while reducing cognitive load when operating and maintaining complex, mission-critical equipment and making planning decisions.

Add-in capabilities

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