Qualtrics Feedback

by Qualtrics International Inc.

Easily collect feedback from your employees from within Viva Connections.

Add a way for your employees to easily give you feedback from within Viva Connections.

Easily add a card to your Viva Connections surface to allow your employees to give you feedback in their flow of work. This card will link to your survey and let your employees know when feedback is due.

This Add-in requires a Qualtrics Employee Experience License.

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What is Qualtrics Employee Experience?

The Qualtrics Employee Experience suite allows you to:

  • Fix problems before they become part of your culture through predictive analytics.
  • Go beyond measurement. Drive immediate change through automated actions.
  • Transform experiences across the entire employee lifecycle.

Employee experience drives employees to join, contribute to and ultimately become brand ambassadors for their organizations. Employee experience has evolved from just satisfaction and engagement to a more holistic view of the experiences and interactions employees have at various stages of the employee lifecycle—whether that’s manager interactions, onboarding, promotion feedback, overall engagement or feelings about culture, diversity and more. An effective employee experience program creates happier, more-engaged and better-developed employees while also driving business outcomes like reduced attrition, higher revenue and increased customer satisfaction.

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How anonymous survey link distribution works:

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