Orangehill Birthdays

by Orangehill

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All upcoming birthdays from user profiles

Birthdays from user profiles

Orangehill Birthdays is a modern web part that shows all upcoming birthdays from user profiles for people in the organization.

Optionally the result can be filtered by a search query in order to show for example only people from a department. Birthdays that are indicated in the user profile as private will not be shown. Users that have not filled in a birthday in their profile will see a message and a direct link to update their


Live personas

Listed birthdays have a "LivePersona Card" popup (PnP SPFx controls: LivePersona Control) showing contact and other information for the selected person. You can easily send him/her a message from here.

Search configuration

All information is collected from search. By default birthday information is not available from the search index. If this is the case in your tenant the web part will indicate this and offer a step-by-step guide on how to do the

configuration. Some of these steps require an administrator to take action.


All birthdays are stored in the seach index in a crawled property named "SPS-Birthday". In order to actually read this data using a search request it is necessary to map this crawled property to a managed property. The name of this managed property can then be entered in the birthdays web part properties. The web part can now fetch birthdays from the search index and display them.

Online manual

The step-by-step guide is also available at:

Version history

  • v1.4.10.0
    Fixed: Live persona popup hotfix from SPFx React Controls v3.8.1
  • v1.4.9.0
    Fixed: Timezone corrections
  • v1.4.8.0
    Fixed: Catch IOS loading errors and catch IOS date errors
  • v1.4.7.0
    Fixed: Edit profile link
  • v1.4.6.0
    Added: Full year is displayed for next year's birthdays
    Fixed: Sorting

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