by Zavvy GmbH

Onboard, develop, train, and connect your people - directly within Microsoft Teams.

Guide your people through onboarding, development, and everyday work experience - directly on Microsoft Teams and beyond

Zavvy is the employee enablement platform that helps you easily roll out engaging experiences without getting lost in busywork.

84% of experts agree that amplifying your learning initiatives through Microsoft Teams heavily boosts participation rates. Connect this Microsoft Teams app to send notifications to your organization's users and increase participation in engagement surveys, learning initiatives, and so much more.

You can setup and manage the following initiatives and solutions on Zavvy platform by choosing from many of our templates or by building your own.

New hire Onboarding

Make new hires feel welcome and prepared with a standout experience from day 1.

  • ⛰️ Guide your new colleagues through engaging journeys that accompany them throughout their first weeks and months
  • 📩 Combine short, regular messages here on Microsoft Teams with in-depth content on our platform
  • 👬 Connect new hires to their onboarding buddies, people managers, or colleagues

Growth & Development

Turn people managers into coaches, put employees in the driver's seat, and boost company performance.

  • 🌱 Create a company-wide cycle of continuous development
  • 📈 Combine competency models, individual feedback, and development plans to enable growth for everyone
  • 📩 Automatically guide people managers and employees throughout the process with regular messages right here on Microsoft Teams


Create and run courses without having to worry about manual assignments, constant reminders, outdated formats, or progress-tracking.

  • 📩 Micro-learning: Inspire your people with interactive, short (10-15 min) nudges on topics like leadership and 21st-century skills. Improve behavior by up to 40% - with minimal effort.
  • 👥 Social Learning: Set up mentoring, learning buddy, or other programs. Automatically match participants and guide them through an engaging process.
  • 🚀 Amplify any learning initiative you set up on Zavvy - and reach people where they actually are.

Hybrid Work

🧘 Pair up colleagues for informal (virtual) coffee meetups, send out regular reminders to take breaks, teach them about resilience, and much more.

Get started with our library of science-backed templates - or create your own with Zavvy's smart workflow builder.

Learn how forward-thinking teams worldwide use Zavvy to unlock employee experience:

Note: To use the Zavvy app for Microsoft Teams, you must be a Zavvy customer. Get in touch to see it in action and find out how it works.

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