LE SharePoint Permissions Auditing

by Longi Engineering

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Audit SharePoint Permissions, Strengthen Security and Governance

SharePoint Permissions Auditing for Modern and Classic Site Architecture

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Implement Governance throughout your SharePoint infrastructure

Determining which users or groups have access to SharePoint sites, lists and libraries can be a challenging endeavor. As sites grow over time and unique permissions are implemented, the task only increases in complexity. Administrators often find themselves struggling to determine which internal and external users have access to content stored in SharePoint.

LE (Longi Engineering) SharePoint Permissions Auditing assists you in determining which groups or users have access to content. 

This solution is targeted for administrators, not site members or users with lower permissions, such as visitors. This app works on SharePoint Online.


  • Our user-friendly tabbed interface and site tree allow you to seamlessly browse through sites, lists and libraries to check permissions.
  • Web part that can be added to a SharePoint page that administrators can use to audit permissions.
  • Permissions results can be exported to an excel file.
  • The solution checks for unique permissions and supports modern SharePoint sites as well as classic legacy sites where subsites may be leveraged.
  • You can view permissions at the site level, document library, list or folder/file level. In addition, you can view permissions for a particular user.
  • We offer one-hour free support for any configuration assistance needed.

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