by Raygun

Receive actionable error and performance alerts in Microsoft Teams.

With powerful customizable alerts sent directly to the channel of your choice, you’ll never miss another mission-critical issue again.

Build a world-class issue resolution workflow that combines the powerful diagnostics surfaced in Raygun with the convenience of designated Microsoft Teams channels.

Use Raygun for Microsoft Teams to:

  • ⚡ Quickly identify and manage errors and performance regressions before your customers notice
  • 👥 Keep your whole team looped in about new issues to ensure the right people are working on a fix
  • 🔎 Receive custom alerts tailored to your needs so nothing falls through the cracks

Raygun gives you the ability to detect, diagnose, and resolve issues quickly to ensure you’re delivering flawless digital experiences for your customers.

Raygun works with all major programming languages and frameworks. Thousands of development teams worldwide trust Raygun to offer unrivaled insight into the health of their software, delivering lightning-fast and error-free experiences for millions of customers, every day.

A Raygun account is required to use Raygun for Microsoft Teams. Not a Raygun customer? No problem; Raygun is free to try, with no credit-card required – take your free 14-day trial to get started today.

Read Raygun’s documentation for more information. For feedback or support, please contact

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