Evolve Contact Suite (ECS)

by Evolve IP, LLC.

Evolve Contact Suite (ECS) is Evolve IP’s omnichannel contact center

Evolve Contact Suite (ECS) is Evolve IP’s omnichannel contact center provides organizations with a sophisticated, cloud-based service that delivers real business value. It provides your contact center managers with more control and deeper insight into operations that can’t be achieved with cumbersome on-site equipment and systems.

By establishing a single, cloud-based contact center businesses can easily streamline operations and maximize staffing. Managers can experience unparalleled control and visibility into their virtual contact center ecosystem through advanced features such as reporting, call recording, exclusive dashboard and administrator tools. With a cloud-based contact center such as Evolve IP’s ECS, businesses can integrate with multiple CRM applications, personalize interactions for each customer and deliver a world-class customer service. Leverage Evolve IP’s redundant and compliant cloud architecture to enable business continuity while also unifying multiple locations and remote agents on a single, integrated platform.

eAgent is the application that ECS contact center agents use to perform the various tasks required to handle inbound and outbound contacts to the organization. It is a web-based application which executes within many of the most popular internet browsers. This new iteration of eAgent transforms it to execute within the framework of the Microsoft Teams application. This translates into a stronger integration between the two applications and the reduction of desktop real estate required for the agent.

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