File Handler Helper


File Handler for integration with multiple channels

File Handler Helper is a set of apps designed to enhance your experience with Business Central and simplify your interactions with various file storage systems. The core app that acts as a bridge between Business Central and different file storage services
To use File Handler Helper you need to set in your app’s app.json the dependency to File Handler Helper Core and to the connector’s app you want to use. Then you’ll need to use the "QQQFHH Handler Imp." codeunit to interact with the storage service. In the "QQQFHH Handler Imp." codeunit it is set the implementation, provided by the "QQQFHH File Handler" enum, and this codeunit you’ll be able to call and in interact with the storage service. In each of the connector’s section you’ll find AL examples

Supported Countries: Angola, Portugal, Spain, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages: This app is available in English (United States) and Portuguese (Portugal).

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