collana pay

by collana hive GmbH

Handles financial transactions for several payment service providers.

collana pay: A multi-payment-solution fully integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

In an increasingly digital world, retailers are facing significant challenges in the payment sector. As more and more customers discover and use the convenience and comfort of online shopping, secure, efficient, and user-friendly payment solutions become a compelling necessity and a critical factor for success.

However, the implementation and management of payment solutions is not a simple task. There are numerous challenges that need to be considered. These include the complexity of transaction processing, the requirement to provide seamless and intuitively understandable payment experiences, data protection and data security requirements, and the need to adapt to a constantly changing regulatory environment.

The collana pay BC app is a specialized extension for Business Central that allows retailers to select the best combination of PSPs and payment methods to reduce their costs, decrease development times and gain more flexibility.

Once set up, it enhances Business Central with key features for better payment management. This includes adding new fields to the sales order to capture specific payment details. With simple adjustments, the app allows automated payment actions like capturing and refunding money within Business Central. Plus, you can easily update or cancel sales orders directly in BC.

By using a universal interface, collana pay simplifies technical integration and reduces the time and complexity involved in connecting to various PSPs. Furthermore, collana pay offers a scalable solution that helps companies keep pace with their growth and expand into new markets.

It also ensures that all transactions are carried out according to the highest security standards.

Key features & customer benefits

  • Instant access to the most important payment service providers (PSPs) in e-commerce and retail
  • Central multi-payment management provides clarity and an overview
  • Reduction of development times through standardization
  • Cost reduction through easy onboarding and switching possibilities
  • Competitive advantages through flexibility and fast go-to-market
  • Multi-PSP strategy to reduce payment default risks

In addition, collana pay offers extensive data analysis features that enable online retailers to gain deep insights into their payment processes and make targeted improvements.

collana pay even provides aggregated competitive data for comparisons. You can see if you are performing better or worse than your benchmark and take targeted actions based on the analysis.

A central distribution system.

collana pay is designed as an end-to-end process automation between sales channels, the PSPs and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The unique architecture with standardized communication between the connected systems reduces the effort required for future extensions or changes of payment types or providers to a minimum.

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