Basware Scan and Capture

by Basware Oyj

Global service to outsource the reception, scanning, capturing and validation of all paper invoices

Basware Network

The Basware Network makes doing business easy. It lets you send and receive orders, invoices, credit notes and catalogs – quickly, simply and with fewer errors. No wonder it’s the network of choice for over one million organizations, across more than 100 countries.

The Basware Network is interoperable, enabling companies to easily and cost-effectively send and receive e-invoices with their trading partners globally — all through a single connection. This largest open network of its kind currently has more than 220 e-invoice operators on the network, connecting over 1,2 million companies globally.

Basware e-Invoice receiving

Save time and money by harmonizing and digitalizing AP invoice receiving. With Basware you can transition to 100% paperless accounts payable overnight by outsourcing your paper invoice handling to Basware. You can also adopt Basware Scan and Capture to outsource paper invoice handling, while receiving electronic PDF and e-invoices directly from your suppliers through Basware Network. You can gradually move your suppliers to e-invoicing, reduce paper and save costs.

Basware Scan and Capture

Organizations with suppliers sending them paper invoices can choose to completely outsource paper invoice scanning, capturing and validation with Basware Scan and Capture service running on Microsoft Azure. Additionally, for small amounts of local paper invoices, you can complement the solution with Basware CloudScan, an easy to use paper scanning service powered by Microsoft Azure. As a result, you streamline and simplify your accounts payable process, improve visibility to future cash flow requirements, and release people for more value-adding work.

With Basware Scan and Capture, you can:
  • Completely outsource paper invoice scanning
  • Validate invoice contents with business rules
  • Complement the solution with Basware CloudScan, an easy to use scanning solution
  • Receive digitized invoices to your accounts payable through Basware Network
  • Promote PDF and e-invoice sending to your suppliers, saving their and your money

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