Chisel - Unified Product Management Platform for ADO

by Chisel Labs Inc.

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Using ADO to manage engineering work items? Chisel is your product team’s perfect companion

Manage customer discovery, product strategy, and roadmaps in Chisel while continuing to use ADO — without disrupting your existing engineering workflows.

Seamless Integration Between Product and Engineering Systems

Connect product development to product management with a two-way sync between ADO and Chisel.

Automatically sync hierarchies across Chisel and ADO

Keep all your epics, features, and backlogs straight: Chisel’s ADO integration ensures that parent-child relationships remain the same across both platforms.

Real-time bi-directional syncing for all metadata fields

No need to duplicate data entry across two tools. Chisel’s automatic two-way integration means your developers and product managers can always have the most up-to-date information on both Chisel and ADO.

Custom configuration to meet your team’s needs

Need to adjust the update frequency? Want automatic syncing in one direction and manual syncing in the other direction? Chisel lets you configure integrations according to your workflow.

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