by Corti

Corti develops state-of-the-art AI decision-support software for medical triage.

A GPS for Medical Interviews

Corti is a decision support platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Corti’s models are trained on thousands of hours of audio data, containing an incredibly varied set of different features and situations that people encounter from all over the regions we operate in. Corti’s models are therefore likely exposed to uncommon situations where people might act differently than the stereotypical pattern. These situations could in most cases be ignored by human operators but picked up due to our abundant training data. During a medical interview, Corti uses the audio information from past interviews, never forgetting a thing and drastically reducing medical errors. By translating human languages through innovative technology, Corti can identify important patterns in live interviews and alert the medical practitioner when critical illnesses, such as cardiac arrest, are detected. As a result, we can help drastically reduce medical errors and therefore, empower the heroes of the healthcare sector.

Corti built an AI-powered digital assistant that listens in to medical interviews and guides medics, helping them ask the right questions and reach the right conclusions.

Corti analyzes the audio from 911 calls in real-time, using information from millions of past emergency medical interviews to tailor its recommendations and detect critical incidents faster. From keywords and symptoms, to tone of voice and background sounds, Corti spots patterns across the conversation and suggest the best next question to ask. As the machine learning models listen to more and more medical conversations, it learns and adapts, building up a symptom graph that can vastly increase the quality of every patient interview world-wide.

Platform Overview

Corti Triage uses a customer's existing protocols to form the basis of an interview, leading users through a pre-defined flow where the end result is a medical response. Alongside this, it provides the user with live insights into call features identified by Corti's machine learning algorithms. These include severity assessments, symptom detections and critical illness alerts.

Corti Explore is a platform for reviewing interviews and extracting analytics. The key objectives of Explore are to review and improve human performance. Corti Explore utilises a clear and simple interface to give users the power to deep dive into individual interviews.

Corti Dashboards is a platform for analysing health trends across interview data. Corti Dashboards utilises a clear and simple interface to give users the power to leverage data and reap valuable insights.

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