Hi There

by Hi There BV

Hi There is a digital back office solution for the insurance industry

Poor customer experience, inefficiency and legacy are plaguing the insurance industry. We decided to do something big about it.

What does Hi There offer?

Policy Administration
  • Administer virtually any insurance policy without human intervention.
Product Management
  • Align products with the demand of the market by configuring and releasing new product offerings in real-time.
Personalized Pricing
  • Calculate real-time individualized insurance premium quotes.
Manage Open/Closed Books
  • Automate the management of open and closed books and reap the efficiency benefits.
Balance Sheet Optimization
  • Optimize the balance sheet by fitting the investment and liability portfolio in order to minimize required capital and maximize return on equity.
  • Easily migrate existing portfolios into the administration.
Actuarial Calculations
  • Perform all the relevant actuarial calculations completely automatically.
Audit Assurance
  • Easily adhere to audit assurance using an automated audit trail supported out-of-the-box.

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