Govern 365 - The Office 365 Governance Tool


Employ intuitive provisioning, extensive inventory reporting, and unified life cycle management

What is Govern 365 for Microsoft Office 365?

Govern 365 is a full-featured SaaS application that enables the end-users to intuitively provision any workloads offered by Microsoft 365 while maintaining the right balance between administrative control and user empowerment within Office 365.

The focus is to help the everyday user of Office 365 to effortlessly select the right tool for a specific need, quickly get that provisioned and move forward efficiently to share content, engage with colleagues and improving teamwork.

Key Features Include:

  • Simply Configurable: Easy and flexible interface for creation of provisioning form by admins
  • Provisioning wizard: Intuitive form to select the right tool by answering a few simple questions
  • Manage sprawl on the front-end: Self-service creation in O365 without giving up control
  • Manage sprawl on the back-end: Automatically dispose of unused containers
  • Control and Compliance: Recertification of containers, owners, permissions, metadata
  • Actionable insights: Power BI based content inventory reports with in-built action triggers
  • What's new in Govern 365 for Microsoft Office?

  • Versatile, easy to use provisioning form configuration utility with advanced settings for fields
  • Intelligent question answers driven interface for the provisioning request
  • Support for most O365 workloads (SharePoint Sites, Yammer, Teams, Outlook Groups, etc.) and custom metadata
  • Highly flexible, rule-based disposal and recertification process
  • Microsoft Power Automate based approval processes with reassignment and delegation of tasks
  • Are these your concerns?

  • How fine-grained the request and approval processes are?
  • How easy and how controlled is the provisioning facility?
  • How easy it is to have full insight into the environment and take action?
  • How automated and secure the processes are to reduce the burden on IT?
  • How does it enforce lifecycle management in concurrence with security and governance?
  • Note: Govern 365 is offered as SaaS on Microsoft 365. To install and configure, you need to have Global Admin Privileges both for a free trial and full version of Govern 365. Also, a support ticket can be raised within Govern 365 but you need to have Govern 365 application-level admin access to create it.

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