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xDGA helps you assess the results of Dissolved Gas Analysis using best industry practices

Do you have to do anything with (purchase, test, install, maintain or operate) power transformers or other insulating liquid filled equipment?

If you do, this Excel add-in is for you.

xDGA helps you interpret and assess the results of Dissolved Gas Analysis using best and latest industry practices and guidelines.

xDGA enables you to:

  • turn any Excel workbook into a Dissolved Gas Analysis powerhouse.
  • create a simple, yet powerful, DGA database.
  • get started with a carefully crafted DGA report ready for you to customise to suit your needs.
  • use dozens of formulas that condense more than 80 pages of recommendations contained in the latest IEC60599 DGA interpretation guidelines.
  • automate your analysis workflow using Excel's powerful features to ingest new data, analyse it and highlight areas and assets that need attention.
  • insert any of the Duval's Triangles or Pentagons charts with all the pre-formatting done and ready to take your data.
  • combine the power of Excel's spreadsheets with automated algorithmic analysis presented as custom formulas.

Take your condition monitoring practice to the next level with xDGA.
Try if for free.

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