Calling for Microsoft Teams - Operator Connect

by One New Zealand Group Limited

Calling for Microsoft Teams is a solution that allows you to directly call people via One NZ

One NZ empowers your organization to seamlessly make calls to any landline or mobile directly from the Microsoft Teams app, enhancing productivity across diverse locations.

As a trusted Microsoft Azure Peering Service (MAPS) partner, One NZ facilitates direct access between your network and Microsoft's, delivering several key advantages, including:

Reliable and diversified connectivity to Microsoft networks

Reduced latency for optimal performance

Elimination of network congestion for uninterrupted communication

Furthermore, with Operator Connect, One NZ deepens integration into the Teams platform, streamlining the Teams Phone experience by optimizing networking, provisioning, management, and reporting APIs. We take care of your PSTN calling, numbering, and connectivity within your Microsoft 365 tenancy.

Our proficiency in voice services and full certification as a Modern Work Solution partner ensure that our teams excel in Microsoft voice capabilities. One NZ's Calling for Microsoft Teams solution, in conjunction with Operator Connect and our robust MAPS networking, delivers an effortless and resilient voice solution tailored to suit any organization's needs.

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