Talent Intelligence platform reinventing the development and retention of Talents

PALM operates as an Internal Marketplace which provides continuous aggregation of all available HR data (whatever the format), instant matching of internal talents (with projects, positions, training), and up to date analysis of micro & macro HR indicators. Designed as a high-ROI decision support tool, PALM unleashes the full potential of HR Data and turns it into actionable insights on a global scale and in real time. To do this, PALM has developed three core modules:
  1. People Mapping
With this, you will be able to have a real-time and dynamic vision of everyone’s evolution, enabling you to know who has developed which skills over the last few months. Understanding this is key in accompanying the Talent in his or her development.
2. People Reviews
Take strategic decisions for each talent based on their potential and performance. By having access to the analytics of your employees’ soft and hard skills, your managers and HR departments will easily be able to make decisions. Even more, the AI will propose successors to all positions, anticipating mobility and departures, and therefore helping you constantly be on your toes.
3. People Development
Automating the processing of your employees’ day to day data, will help in their evolution. The Artificial Intelligence implemented within PALM will offer development opportunities for everyone adapted to their career paths and skills developed. Through different trainings, they become actors in their development, and take knowledge of the different levers they can access to move forward in the desired path.

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