ZIRO Provisioning for Microsoft

by Stack8 Technologies Inc.

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ZIRO makes Microsoft Teams provisioning the simplest thing on your to-do list.

Imagine how much time you could get back if unified communications were easy. If you didn’t have to onboard a Susan in Accounts every ten minutes, how far could you shoot for big goals? How would offloading all those routine tasks change your daily priorities?

Does this sound familiar?

  • “I’m stuck doing the work because we lack skills, resources, etc.”
  • “I don’t know how many DIDs we have or how many we need.”
  • “MACDs are costing us way too much money.”

With ZIRO Provisioning for Microsoft Teams, there’s finally a better way to automate user provisioning, manage communications technology, and offload tasks.

Our incredibly simple software lets you offload tasks to your helpdesk without ever having to worry about complex templates or compromising admin security. You can also extend ZIRO any way you want with easy-to-use APIs and ITSM integrations. ZIRO’s provisioning software means that managing phone, meeting, and message tech—and onboarding Susan—is one click away.

Take the obstacles and irritation out of provisioning in Microsoft Teams (and yes, that includes Direct Routing and Dial Plan Management). Manage it all through one single, simple dashboard.

There’s no nonsense, no surprises, and no hassle.


  • Say goodbye to PowerShell and complex templates: With a few clicks, your helpdesk can license a user, assign an available phone number, and assign the correct policies – like emergency calling – without having to learn PowerShell scripts or work with complex templates. There’s also no need to access the MS Teams Admin Center, eliminating potential setup errors to your UC infrastructure
  • Manage your Technology: Onboarding and offboarding become quick and simple with ZIRO. Manage all the MACDs and DIDs for your entire workforce with one mouse click.
  • Automate your Workflow: What’s even better than offloading to the helpdesk? Automation. ZIRO lets you set up provisioning and device modifications without ever needing manual intervention.
  • Escape Excel hell: Quit the spreadsheets and start managing phone numbers in seconds with Dial Plan Management using ZIRO Provisioning software. Now you can sit back, automate, and control all your phone numbers and extensions with one hand on your coffee.
  • Oversee your workplace: Get a bird’s-eye view of the big picture with ZIRO’s comprehensive analytics and reporting. You’ll have everything you need to know when it comes to user and device usage.
  • Customer support that actually puts you first: Get the most reliable, immediate support in the industry any time, every time. Our clients get happy and stay that way because we’re committed to cutting as much hassle out of their lives as possible. Honestly, it’s easy to deliver when we love flipping the script this much.


“ZIRO took the hassle out of setting up calling in Microsoft Teams. Their Microsoft and Cisco expertise made the transition to Teams easy.”
- AARRON MACIAS, Senior VoIP Engineer at Sierra Nevada Corporation (click here for the full case study)


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