TelluCare Remote Patient Monitoring

by Tellu Iot AS

Enables remote patient monitoring from municipalities and hospitals.


With an increasing number of elderly people and growth in chronic disorders in the population, more patients will need close monitoring of the health condition from municipalities and hospitals.

Remote patient monitoring is a service where patients are observed while staying at home, via their own mobile / tablet and with the use of mobile sensor technology. Healthcare professionals monitor the patient's measurement results and symptom registrations via a response service and can guide the patient and take measures when needed.

Measurements can be, for example, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, weight, blood sugar or temperature, or a combination of these. If the patient needs to get in contact with the healthcare professional, this can be done through a message service or via video in the patient app.



With remote patient monitoring, patients can better take care of their own health situation and stay longer in their own home before any hospitalization is needed. Close monitoring from healthcare professionals provides security for the patient.

Healthcare professionals monitor and support the patient from distance, and it becomes easier to prevent and detect deterioration of both physical and mental health conditions at an early stage. Through the healthcare personnel application, the healthcare personnel get a good insight into the individual patient health condition, at the same time as the healthcare personnel get a good overview of which patients should be prioritized.

Remote patient monitoring can also reduce traveltime, both for health personell and patients.



The service is implemented on the basis of the guidelines of the Data Protection Authority both in terms of data security and privacy.  

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