by Teraphone LLC

Voice Rooms for Microsoft Teams

Introducing Teraphone
Reclaim the spontaneity of in-person collaboration! Teraphone is a voice chat and screen sharing app that integrates with Microsoft Teams and provides a more modern voice chat and screen sharing experience. Teraphone improves Teams with:
  • Persistent voice rooms
  • Better presence signaling
  • Allowing each participant to share multiple screens

Teraphone Benefits
  • Break down silos - Shared rooms encourage participation. Conversations are more inviting when teammates know that a room is public.
  • Encourage tribal knowledge circulation - Room persistence reduces coordination friction for real-time communication.
  • Improve the collaboration experience - Better screen sharing capabilities reduce presentation interruptions and visual fatigue.
  • Reduce social isolation - Provide an inclusive environment for employees who prefer real-time conversations.

Teraphone Voice Rooms

  • Persistence
    • Join or leave with a single click.
    • No need to distribute links or calendar invites.
    • Go-to spaces for casual conversation, co-working, meetings, pair-programming...
  • Presence Signaling
    • Instantly see who is the conversation before joining
    • Signal to your team that you are available for office hours or one-on-ones
    • See at a glance if a meeting is still ongoing or if your team is available to chat
  • Collaboration
    • Each participant can share multiple screens or windows
    • With multi-monitor support you can view your colleague's shared screens at maximum resolution

Teams Integration
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) with Azure Active Directory
  • Automatic profile set-up and contact discovery. Re-use your organization's existing Team structure.
  • More integrations coming soon:
    • Activity feed notifications
    • Chat bot commands
    • Deep links into Teraphone voice rooms

Start using Teraphone today with a 30-day free trial!

Teraphone is under active development and we are rapidly adding new features and improvements.

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