Adaptive Learning and Inform Me for Frontline Workers - Communications and Skilling

by Vitalyst

Skilling and communications for frontline workers leveraging the power of Azure and Microsoft 365

Empowering the Future of Frontline Workers

with Alithya’s Adaptive Learning Platform and Inform Me Communication Tool

Frontline workers are the face of an organization, and it is critical to ensure they are not left behind during digital transformations. Frontline workers report a myriad of technological challenges which leads to them feeling digitally excluded and without the right knowledge or technology to do their jobs effectively.
With Alithya’s Adaptive Learning for Frontline Workers platform and Inform Me, we provide frontline workers with a tool they can use on the go, that gives them the know-how to effectively utilize new technologies and to keep up with rapid changes, so they stay informed and productive.

Why Alithya?

For more than 30 years, frontline workers have relied on our capabilities in adopting digital transformations for their organizations.

Empower your Frontline Workers with unlimited access to:

  • Self-paced Learning: Our Frontline Worker specific courses offer self-paced and detailed training on relevant Microsoft Teams applications such as Shifts and Walkie Talkie in addition to training for enhanced communications and connectedness in Viva Engage, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Outlook.
  • On-demand Support: From urgent IT related software queries to ongoing learning needs. Our 24/7 phone, chat and email support is here to save the day.
  • Instructor-led training: Offer interactive learning experiences led by experts to enhance collaboration in core applications such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Viva Engage.

Communicate critical updates with your Frontline Workers using Inform Me:

Inform Me allows you to communicate critical updates to Frontline Workers directly through Microsoft Teams in a flash.

  • New Microsoft 365 Feature training
  • Smart, role-based learning campaigns
  • Share critical updates, key meetings and events
  • Inspire your team with shout outs, gamification and more

Change is Crucial

55% of frontline workers had to adapt to using digital tools with no formal training or practice.

46% of frontline workers worry about potential job loss if they fail to adapt to new technology

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