Intelligent Insights for Energy & Utilities on DDP

by Wipro Ltd

Energy and Utilities analytics powered by Data Discovery Platform

Energy and Utility apps on the Data Discovery platform, powered by the end-to-end Microsoft Azure stack are designed to help organizations with three key themes : Improve efficiency (predictive asset maintenance, RUL analytics), Enhance customer satisfaction (billing analytics, customer segmentation and engagement analytics) and adhere to regulatory norms (consent compliance, odor compliance, water quality analytics). 
Each of these apps are packaged solutions that comprise of : industry specific data model, trained AI/ML model (with a corresponding data workflow) and intuitive visualizations for consumption of insights. 
For organizations that need the most RoI on analytics, these apps on Data Discovery Platform can be easily customized with specific KPI s and provide a great launchpad for building more complex and sophisticated custom models while also providing quick insights in near real time. 
Focused on helping and augmenting the CXO organization, the apps also have top listed KPI s for the CMO, COO, CDO, CIO and CFO personas so that the underlying same data model can be tapped to unearth tailored insights for the CXO level execs, who can easily identify pitfalls and ensure streamlining of operations driven by data. 

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