Workspot Desktop Cloud: VDI on Azure

by Workspot

A turnkey, enterprise-ready cloud PC service that deploys Windows 10 virtual desktops on Azure.

It’s time to move your PCs to Azure. Workspot’s cloud-native, enterprise-ready, turnkey Cloud PC service deploys in as little as one day, so you can achieve unprecedented business agility – fast.

  • Enterprise-ready Cloud PC service securely delivers Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 desktops from Azure – apps, and GPU workstations too!
  • Flat monthly fee takes the guesswork out of your cloud PC costs. We present a single, consolidated bill that includes the cost of Azure compute for your Workspot cloud PCs. No surprises! Contact Workspot for configuration & pricing details.
  • Unmatched performance keeps even the most demanding users happy and productive with the industry’s fastest response times. Workspot’s turnkey, Cloud PC service is easily scalable across Azure regions and features 99.95% desktop SLA.
  • Rock solid security is essential, and a cloud-native solution matters. Your data never touches the Workspot control plane; it stays safely in Azure or on-premises – you decide– and it’s all managed through a single pane of glass.
  • Built exclusively for Azure  means you have access to 54+ data centers around the world. Use your corporate image, connected to your AD, using your security polices and existing management tools.
  • Free Go-Live services eliminate your deployment risks. Our customer success team is absolutely committed to your success and will customize your environment to meet your requirements.

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