Accelerate Your Automation Journey with Acuvate's 2-Week RPA Migration Assessment and Consulting Service

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An intensive 2-week RPA Migration Assessment and consulting service that ensures a smooth and economical transition to Microsoft Power Automate

Harness the power of Microsoft Power Automate RPA Platform to transcend the limitations of your current RPA tool and unlock new levels of efficiency and scalability. Step into a future of optimized operations and heightened ROI with Acuvate's comprehensive RPA Migration Assessment and Consulting Service.

Acuvate, an industry-leading specialist in automation solutions, offers an intensive 2-week RPA Migration Assessment and consulting service. Our experts ensure a smooth and economical transition to Microsoft Power Automate, an innovative automation platform that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft's portfolio, including Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform.

Service Highlights: • Detailed Migration Plan: We guide you through each step of the migration journey, from assessing your current RPA tool to creating a blueprint for designing and testing new workflows. Our plan ensures a smooth transition, with continuous support throughout. • Optimized Cost and Efficiency: Our approach centers on cutting operational costs and maximizing process value. We identify key cost-saving opportunities by leveraging Process Mining and Desktop Mining, ensuring you get the most out of your automation investments. • Empowered Teams: We help build your process improvement and automation teams, focusing on essential Microsoft Azure and Power Platform skills. Our guidance and training resources ensure your teams are up to the task and ready to meet organizational expectations. • Future-Ready Automation: With our methodology, we create a process pipeline that suits your current and future automation needs. This includes an adherence matrix for Azure projects, development estimates, and improvement suggestions for your IT and business teams.

Benefits: • Significant Cost Savings: Experience major cost reductions and improved ROI by automating processes and reusing subtasks with Power Automate RPA. • Scalability: Achieve flexible, scalable, automated workflows that allow you to expand your automation initiatives without extra costs. • Skilled Teams: With our help, build skilled teams adept in Microsoft Azure and Power Platform, ensuring effective process improvement and automation. • Future-Proof Automation: Stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive process pipeline and adherence matrix for Azure projects. Be it Attended or Un-Attended robots, we have got you covered.

Embark on your transformative journey toward streamlined automation with Acuvate's 2-Week RPA Migration Assessment and Consulting Service. Refrain from permitting your current RPA tool to hamper your RoI potential. Reach out to us today and leverage the remarkable power of automation with Microsoft Power Automate.

The scope, price & timeline are determined based on specific business goals and the customer's requirements. Hence, the terms, conditions, and pricing will be custom to each engagement.

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