Deploy Viva Connections: 2-Wk Implementation

Alfa Connections Pte Ltd

Discover how Microsoft Viva helps organizations build meaningful connections by enabling employees to easily discover relevant communications, communities and tools.

Drive Employee Engagement with Microsoft Viva Connections

  • Build meaningful connections via accessible communities and empower employees to contribute ideas/feedback
  • Evolve your intranet into a central hub with easily accessible content and targeted updates powered by Microsoft Teams
  • Plan for a customized employee dashboard providing quick and easy access to company resources from any device

This program has 3 stages to get you started quickly:

1. Assess & Prepare

During the first meeting, we will assess your current practices and setup of your intranet and SharePoint Online. Through this we will identify and understand some of the requirements and challenges of implementing Viva Connections.

2. Implementation

In the next stage, we will configure and implement Viva Connections in your tenant. If you are not currently on modern intranet on SharePoint online, we will implement a homepage for you to get started.

3. Training & Adoption

After the implementation, we will have a session of knowledge transfer to enable your team to be able to manage both the technical aspect and content of the intranet. We will also share some of the best practices to help your end-users to use and adopt the solution.

Expected Outcomes

  • Viva Connections app deployed on Microsoft Teams as a company landing page
  • A modern intranet developed based on SharePoint Online if required
  • Work Dashboard configured with tiles on Viva Connections
  • Assessment and training sessions to enable your team

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