Power Platforms Current State: 10-day Assessment


To take advantage of the Power Platform, leveraging existing investment in Microsoft 365, it is critical to apply the foundations of vision and governance to be successful.

An Analysis designed to provide an understanding of any immediate issues requiring resolution and will enable the next phase of the engagement.​

The goal of the Current State Assessment is to implement the core components of Microsoft Centre of Excellence starter kit. These components extract data about how Power Platform is configured and being used, which can be analysed in a Power BI Report. The assessment will follow our four-step process which will guide you through the steps to success on your digital transformation journey. ​

At the completion of this phase, Antares will prepare the statement of work for the Future State Design step. ​

Step 1: What does Power Platform look like in your organisation right now? How many Apps, Flows, SharePoint list forms, Agents and Pages? Who is making them? How many environments are there? What is the Security configuration? What immediate risks or issues need to be addressed?

Step 2: Demonstrate the ‘Art of the possible’ for Power Platform Define the vision for Power Platform at your organisation Design a Power Platform Environment strategy Document the recommended configuration Document decisions about Governance Create an implementation plan

Step 3: Based on the outcomes of Step 2 Configure Power Platform Setup Environments Configure Application Lifecycle Management* Configure Monitoring Implement the agreed upon CoE components Undertake training for IT and champions

Step 4: Remediation Fusion Team augmentation App-in-a-day training Build Apps, Bots, Workflows, Pages Integration with other systems

Pricing is based on scope of work and will be confirmed prior to commencement.

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