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Dynamics 365 Business Central: 2-Day Assessment

Becloudsmart Pty Ltd

Find out if Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is right for your business.

Since its inception cloud computing has expanded and evolved into one of the biggest paradigm shifts in the computer age. Now any size organisation has virtually immediate access to all the computing power it needs without requiring expensive investment in infrastructure.

A growing portfolio of SaaS applications has enabled every business organisation to directly procure business process solutions. However implementing Cloud Computing and getting value from it are not necessarily synonymous.

To allow organisations to assess how to successfully implement Dynamics 365 Business Central and ensure that they are able to achieve maximum value and business benefit form the solution, Becloudsmart has developed this workshop to assess the solution against your requirements.



We collect initial organisational and business environment information. Through survey questionnaires and a one-to-one meeting we build business context, gather hard business demographics but also understand your organisations vision, objectives, and business priorities. By building not only an overview of your current organisational structure, systems and processes, understanding your products, service, markets, and priorities of your key business stakeholders.


In the Selection stage we confirm the core business processes and problems (pains) that can be solved with Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Through meeting with key stakeholders, business process owners, and workers this stage allows us to identify standard (simple and complex) and non-standard business processes.


We prioritise based on the business current adoption ability, technical complexity, and business impact how Dynamics 365 Business Central can be delivered in the most effective way.


The summary creates a customised assessment outlining Dynamics 365 Business Central fit. If solution is suitable we provide proposal to deliver the solution