Power BI Training Bootcamp: 4-Day Workshop

Collectiv LLC

This Power BI training program is ideal for beginners. It provides the foundational knowledge to get you effectively using and creating reports in Power BI. This program is offered onsite or virtually

Day 1 - Power BI Foundations

  • Discover the building blocks of Power BI – What is Power BI
  • Power BI Platform Breakdown: Power BI Service and Power BI Desktop
  • Data sourcing and transformations using Power Query (M)
  • Tabular Data Modeling – loading/linking your data and understanding relationships
  • DAX – Creating Measures and Calculated Columns for key metrics
  • Power BI visualization best practices

Day 2 - Power BI Foundations

  • Power BI Service: How we use it for Collaboration and Sharing
  • Creating Power BI Apps in the Service
  • Understanding CALCULATE and Time Intelligence DAX functions
  • Security: role level security, managing security roles, and assigning report/role level security
  • Power BI Reports vs Power BI Dashboards: when to use them and what their differences are
  • Introduction to the proper report building process

Day 3 - Data Shaping, Modeling & Visualization

  • Instructor guided report build, that allows users to gain real-world experience in building a Power BI Report
  • Review the process of how to approach a report building project
  • Using DAX to build-out measures that formulate the metrics desired
  • Report Collaboration: Create Power BI Apps and share with colleagues ‘Show and Tell’ sessions

Day 4 - Classroom to the board room

  • Students use their company data to work through real-life reporting challenges and bring their new Power BI skills to life
  • Instructor-led report build that utilizes skills acquired during days 1 to 3
  • Conduct requirements gathering for new PBI report
  • Create desired measures using DAX identified during requirements gathering
  • Shape the desired data set using Power Query skills gathered during days 1 - 3
  • Create PBI visuals determined during Requirements gathering
  • Publish PBI Report to the Power BI Service for Collaboration
  • Show and tell
  • Wrap up and Q&A

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