Business App Development

Concurrency, Inc.

Building end-to-end business apps based on the Power Platform and the Dataverse as a framework to drive business process innovation

Concurrency builds end-to-end business applications based on the Power Platform and Dataverse to create meaningful business impact through process innovation and low code enablement. These are built on Microsoft's Well Architected Framework and Power Platform landing zone concepts. Concurrency also stands up a low/code no/code Center of Excellence to enable a broad ecosystem of "makers" in the business in addition to developing a standalone application. This offer includes:

  • Assessment of current business app development framework
  • Assessment and grouping of target business cases
  • Identification of target business case and creation of structured backlog
  • Alignment of development effort with Power Platform Center of Excellence
  • Population of backlog and alignment with business stakeholders
  • Development of product through iterative sprints with stakeholders
  • Sprint reviews post every development sprint with business stakeholders
  • Sign-off on completed capabilities aligned to sprint backlog

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