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Organizations often overlook the importance of preparing and equipping their employees to navigate change. Continuant's ACM practice was created to bridge the technical, and people side, of change.

Prepare your Teams for the Maximum Adoption of Teams Phone

Transitioning to a new solution is more than a technological change; it affects people in a personal way and fundamentally shifts the way your workforce approaches their daily tasks. At no other time in history has our workforce been more diverse in terms of age, geography, cultural background, and ability. Your organization must create an environment where people of all backgrounds can fully adopt new technology to collaborate at their best—and achieve measurable results.

Without the appropriate user adoption and change management strategies in place, your internal communications and collaboration technologies may be unified, but your diverse workforce will not be.

For these reasons, Continuant, a 2X Microsoft Global Partner of the Year Award Winner for Teams Calling and Meeting Rooms established an Adoption & Change Management (ACM) practice. A definition of ACM is “the application of a structured process and set of tools for leading the 'people side' of change to achieve a desired outcome”. It is an essential element of every solution we deliver to a customer.

Continuant’s Team and Approach to Adoption & Change Management

Continuant’s Prosci certified ACM Team is comprised of emotionally intelligent, talented and dedicated Adoption & Change Management Consultants. They each bring years of business experience and unique skill sets to the practice.

Designed to be both systematic and tailored to suit the unique needs of your organization, the ACM team hosts an ACM Workshop where discovery is the primary focus, it includes getting to know your business, learning about the decisions behind the change and exploring the culture of the people in your organization. The output of the ACM Workshop is a detailed ACM Plan designed to set you up for success in achieving your user adoption goals. Intentional change management drives user adoption and delivers measurable ROI.

A Framework for Effectively Managing Change

Prosci, a business leader in Change Management, and their ADKAR® Model is used by companies around the world, including Continuant, to provide a simple yet effective approach to managing change and achieving measurable success. In fact, not only does Continuant embrace Prosci’s methodologies and model as their framework they optimize it by offering a customized and tailored offering based on each companies' unique needs determined during discovery.

The ADKAR® Model

The ADKAR® Model brings together the essential tools, information and strategies that empower individuals to make successful transitions during change initiatives. • Awareness – Of the need for change • Desire – To participate and support the change • Knowledge – On how to change • Ability – To implement desired skills and behaviors • Reinforcement – To sustain the change

Working with a partner, like Continuant, that has a dynamic Adoption & Change Management (ACM) practice is critical as you begin your transition to a new solution. Workforces are naturally resistant to change, and deploying new technology requires a comprehensive and tailored approach to ensure users of all skill levels get the most out of the investment.

Continuant’s ACM Services

A) ACM Workshop: In this 90-minute interactive session, we perform discovery – topics include: o Defining Success Benchmarks o Identifying Leaders and Champions o Understanding past successes and challenges o Communications – what are the key messages you want them to receive? o Resistance – are your employees typically resistant to changes in technology? o Training – what types of training do employees tend to gravitate toward? B) ACM Plan C) Email Templates D) Training to reach all types of learners: o Virtual Instructor-led Training - A Basics and an Advanced class are offered. o Self-Paced Training – Quick Start Guides, links to Microsoft Videos and more. E) Microsoft Teams Certified device recommendations F) ACMaaS (Adoption & Change Management as a Service): o Ongoing educational and communication support as Microsoft releases new features and functionality.

Reasons to Invest in Change Management • Increase probability of project success • Manage employee resistance to change • Capture people-dependent ROI • Build change competency into the organization

Discovery and Assessment—Strategy & Design—Execution & Implementation—Monitor & Expand

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