Adoption & Change Management: Prepaid Change Support: 8-Wk Assessment

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Prepaid Change Support provides you with the flexibility to tailor change management activities, guided by the advice of our Change & Transformation team.

Prepaid Change Support provides you with the flexibility to guide Microsoft 365 change management activities across your organisation to ensure maximum productively and return on investment of your Microsoft 365 investment. Our team of experienced adoption & change management practitioners will work with you across a fortnightly basis to design a timeline of activities that meet the needs of your team throughout a project or change. We will work with you to plan and deliver change activities to build awareness and gain maximum adoption of Microsoft 365 tools.

Who would benefit from Prepaid Change Support?

    Prepaid Change Support works well for organisations who have invested in Microsoft 365, understand the need for change management, but are not sure what activities would best meet the needs of their people, project or change to ensure maximum adoption of the Microsoft 365 tools available to them.
    Prepaid Change Support also works well for organisations implementing new Microsoft 365 solutions with internal change management teams. We work hand in hand with these individuals leaning on our expert product knowledge, providing guidance and support for activities to ensure best practices are carried out alongside education on how to maximise the adoption and use of the Microsoft tools.

Build your own Prepaid Change Support plan

    We can work with your team to provide Microsoft 365 recommendations that will consider the size of the change, the breadth of impact, and the extent of activities required to achieve maximum uptake of Microsoft 365 and help them get more done with less. Alternatively, if you have a budget in mind, we can ensure that whatever activities are undertaken, are prioritised to ensure the largest impact for your Microsoft 365 return on investment. Regardless of what you want to achieve, we can help you get there through lite touch, or comprehensive embedded support.

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