Microsoft Teams Frontline: 6m Implementation

Engage Squared

We will work with you to discover how Microsoft 365 and Teams can enhance the employee experience for frontline workers, and offer you a tailored solution to suit your business needs.

Empower your frontline staff with the right technology

It’s widely recognised that frontline staff are the backbone for many businesses. They’re the face of your business, engaging with customers and representing your companies' values and brand.

With new capabilities available in Microsoft 365, more businesses are turning to Microsoft 365 to empower, engage and connect with their people. To help you on this journey, Engage Squared can partner with you to:

      1. Help you identify and map use cases for Microsoft 365
      2. Develop a proof-of-concept solution for one priority use case (e.g. swapping shifts, connecting with colleagues, managing tasks)
      3. Deliver a targeted pilot change program with your frontline staff
      4. Deliver a broad-scale change program across all staff to bring the use case to life

This engagement will occur in four parts:

  • Part1: Technical enablement and strategy
  • To ensure our activities are tightly aligned to your objectives, we’ll do a small amount of discovery & planning to validate that your initial requirements are fit-for-purpose, review and configure your existing technical landscape, and design a change plan that speaks to the bigger picture within your organisation.
  • Part 2: Proof-of-concept development
  • Using the insights from our discovery phase, we’ll move into creation of a proof-of-concept for one priority use case. This use case will form the basis of the pilot and launch program.
  • Part 3: Pilot program
  • Once the solution is ready, we’ll move into launching our pilot campaign, supporting staff to test and adopt new ways of working.
  • Part 4: Broad-scale change program
  • Using lessons learnt from our pilot program, we’ll move into delivery of a broad-scale change campaign, implementing the activities outlined in our change strategy.

The timeframe for this project is approximately 5-6 months.

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