Transition to Microsoft 365: 6-mth Implementation

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Our Change & Adoption team will work to understand the impact of the change and develop a strategy that supports a seamless transition to set you up for adoption of Microsoft 365

Transitioning to Microsoft 365 marks the start of a bigger journey. While there are plenty of technical steps that need to be completed for a smooth transition, it’s equally important that you consider the impact on staff within your organisation and the potential changes to ways of working or to existing processes.

This is where our transition to Microsoft 365 Change & Adoption services come in. We’ll work with you to understand the impact of the change and develop a strategy that supports a seamless transition while setting you up for sustained adoption of Microsoft 365 (long after our project is complete).

To ensure our change activities are well informed and tightly aligned to your objectives, we’ll leverage our Prepare, Deliver, Sustain methodology.

  • Phase 1: Preparing for change
  • Phase 2: Delivering change
  • Phase 3: Sustaining change

By the end of this engagement, you’ll have:

  • A clear change strategy that covers the bigger picture - Covering the practical activities needed to support pre, during and post migration, plus a longer-term high-level roadmap that’s aligned to your overarching organisational strategy.
  • A comprehensive change program where staff feel supported - Helping to drive awareness of the change and ensure a seamless cut-over. Reducing the pressure for IT service desk and frustration from users.
  • Established base-level competency across your staff - To ensure staff are familiar with core collaboration tools within Microsoft 365 (e.g. Outlook, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive etc.) and understand basic governance and security features and processes.
  • Identified opportunities for process and productivity improvements - Mapped business scenarios that are aligned to key personas in your business, to help you fully leverage your investment in Microsoft 365.

This engagement can take between 3 - 6 months.

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