Viva Glint: 8-Wk Implementation

Engage Squared

This comprehensive change management program has been designed to establish a strong feedback program across your organisation using Viva Glint.

Viva Glint is a People Success Platform that leverages real-time people data to help organisations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve results. This Viva Glint offer explores four stages of a Viva Glint program to help you establish a strong feedback program across your organisation. All four phases of the project are underpinned by a comprehensive change management support program:

  • Phase 1: Goals - Understand your organisation objectives for implementing an employee engagement survey and determine how you can use feedback to support your organisation goals.
  • Phase 2: Launch - Design your program, configure your survey as per program design and implement your first survey.
  • Phase 3: Insight - Gather and analyse feedback through the post-survey results presented and upskill your team to review the insights available.
  • Phase 4: Transform - Identify and support you to implement small, meaningful changes across your organisation.
  • Whether you’re new to Viva Glint, conducting your strategy review or implementing new change initiatives, our team can be engaged to support your requirements.

  • Base - Our base tier is aimed at focusing our efforts on one area to support your Viva Glint implementation; People Science or platform configuration. Starting from $35,000
  • Advanced - Our advanced tier is focused on setting up your first employee engagement survey via Viva Glint. We’ll support you through the four stages of the Microsoft Viva Glint program from a People Science and platform configuration perspective, whilst adding a change management lens. Starting from $75,000
  • Create your own - Perhaps you only require a review of your vision and success strategy, or you’ve conducted your survey but require support contextualising your results. Regardless of where you are in your Viva Glint and employee engagement journey, our team can support you and upskill your own team where needed.
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